How to participate.

Step 1

Pick a topic / Subject.

विषयवस्तु/विषय छान्नुहोस्।

Step 2

Shoot video on topic you select.

तपाईंले चयन गर्नुभएको विषयमा भिडियो खिच्नुहोस्।

Step 3

Finalize and Upload.

भिडियोलाई अन्तिम रूप दिनुहोस् र अपलोड गर्नुहोस्।

Step 4


प्रकाशित गर्नुहोस्

Terms and Conditions नेपालीमा

1. The teacher who makes uploads their short course or academic courses between 11/11/2021 to 25/12/2021 are eligible for participating in the Teach Earn & WIN ("Program"). By participating in the "Program", the teachers/participant will be agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions of the "Program". The Organisation holds the right to modify the terms and conditions without any prior notice to the teachers/teachers/participants

2. Eligibility Criteria:

  • a. The teachers/participant should be an Nepali citizen with above 18 years of age
  • b. The "Program" is only available on the published class after teacher uploads.
  • c. The Organisation would approve the classes uploaded by teachers/participant
  • d. The teachers/participant should not have a previous criminal record and shouldn't be of unsound mind. If such piece of information comes to the knowledge of the organisation, he/she will be instantly disqualified from the "Program"
  • e. The teachers/participant will abide by all T&Cs

3. Please note that the organisation reserves right to disqualify any of the teachers/participant before declaring the results, without any prior notice to the same.

4. Consent of the teachers/participants: This is a voluntary "Program". The Teacher/Instructor/Participant agrees to be a teachers/participant by the virtue of uploading classes to Shikshya Online. This would also mean that the Teacher/Instructor/Participant has accepted all T&Cs under the "Program". Following would be deemed to be accepted by the teachers/participant:

  • a. All the information submitted by the teachers/participant is accurate, true and updated
  • b. No entry amount has been paid by the teachers/participant to directly enrol in this "Program". He/She has enrolled in the "Program" by the virtue of uploaded class which are approved and publisded by Shikshya Online only
  • c. Has agreed with the gift selection process of the organisation and has no objections against the same
  • d. In case the teachers/participant turns out to be the winner ("Beneficiary"), he/she would have no issues with the organisation using their photographs for media promotions
  • e. Has understood that participating alone does not entitle any assured gift. The beneficiary would be selected by the process of the organisation
  • f. Assures that no loss would be caused by the teachers/participant to the organisation in case he/she fails to be only of the beneficiary
  • g. Understands that the process of selecting teachers/participants and beneficiaries is under the discretion of the organisation and the same cannot be challenged by the teachers/participant under any circumstances. The decision of the organisation would be final and binding.
  • h. All the Terms and Conditions under the "Program"
  • i. The management's verdict will be final in case of any dispute. Arbitration is subject to Jurisdiction of the District Court

5. Participation Rules and Process :

  • a. The Teacher/Instructor/Participant who fulfils all the criteria in the Eligibility Clause would be fit to be a teachers/participant under this "Program"
  • b. In order to enrol, the Teacher/Instructor/Participant will have to register and upload class.
  • c. The Teacher/Instructor/Participant is eligible to get Ticket Number in multiples of each classes publisded by him/her. (Eg.: if the Teacher/Instructor/Participant uploads 4 class of any one month and only publish 1, he/she will be eligible to get 1 Ticket Number under this "Program", but publisded 3 classes than he/she will be eligible to get 3 Ticket Number under this "Program")
  • d. The Teacher/Instructor/Participant is eligible to get Ticket Number even teacher/Instructor/Participant uploads same class with different local langauge like nepali, nepal bhasa, tamang, maithili but Hindi or other international lagauge are barred to use unless it is English. Uses of Local langauge is encouraged.
  • e. Participation under this "Program" is Voluntary and is not an obligation to the Teacher/Instructor/Participant.
  • f. In case the Teacher/Instructor/Participant decides to withdraw or deleted from the site Shikshya Online before the result is declared, his/her Ticket Number wil dismantled and have to follow protocols as set by the organisation for closure
  • g. The organisation would contact the teachers/participant at maximum 3 times and in case of response / no show by the teachers/participant, the teachers/participant would be disqualified from the "Program"
  • h. Teacher/Instructor/Participant are not allowed to upload same class or course on other platfrom like: Youtube or other online learning platfrom wil be disqualified.
  • i. If Teacher/Instructor/Participant have already uploaded the class in Youtube or other online learning platfrom and uploaded in our website will also be disqualified

6. Selection of Beneficiary:

  • a. All the Ticket Numbers will be placed in a box and the beneficiary will be selected at random from the whole lot
  • b. The selection of the beneficiary can be done by any representative of the organisation (within or an outsider as a guest as well)
  • c. Beneficiaries will be announced by the organisation on Jan 1st, 2022 . No announcement made before the date will entitle to be a beneficiary under this "Program"
  • d. In case the teachers/participant does not show up for the collection of award/gift upon the communication made by the organisation, the organisation would not be entitled/obligated to change the date of gift distribution ceremony (to be decided and communicated later)
  • e. All the Ticket Numbers will be picked in the month of Jan 1st, 2022 (the date as decided by the management to be communicated in the meantime). The order of picking out the will be Gift Claim worth Rs.5,000/-, Mobile Phone, IPad Mini and then the first bumper Scooter.
  • f. In a situation where a teachers/participant is issued multiple Ticket Numbers by the virtue of his/her publised class, the first Ticket Number that is selected form the lot will be the only gift for him/her as a beneficiary. Eg.: If one Teacher/Instructor/Participant wins a Mobile phone and again his Ticket Numbers from the publised class get selected for Ipad Mini or Scooter, he/she will not be eligible for the latter prizes. He/she will only receive a Mobile Phone in this case.
  • g. In case the beneficiary is unable to produce the Ticket Number and other documents as asked by the organisation after being declared as the beneficiary, he/she will be disqualified for the gift and a new beneficiary will be selected
  • h. The process of selecting the beneficiary from the teachers/participant lot will be deemed final and binding upon the teachers/participants

7. The teachers/participant is expected to produce the following documents once his/her name is announced as the beneficiary:

  • i. Participating Ticket Number
  • ii. Email registered with.
  • iii. Valid Citizenship
  • iv. Valid PAN card

8. The Ticket Number given to the teachers/participant is not transferable. It cannot be exchanged for cash/other gifts. Any change in the "Program" would be with the approval of the organisation. The gifts are subject to availability and not substitutable for cash alternative.

9. In case of the death of the beneficiary ("Deceased"), the organisation will not be liable to part on the gift to the legal heir of the deceased. The organisation reserves the right to do what it deems fit under this circumstance

10. The gifts are selected and approved by the organisation's management and in under no circumstance would the organisation be willing to change/upgrade the gift to the beneficiary

11. In case where the beneficiary is to receive the gift from a third party/vendor and the amount is transferred by the organisation, the organisation will not be responsible/liable for the dispatch of the gift. The organisation will help the beneficiary in communication with the vendor but in no case be responsible for, if any, any delay caused by the vendor

12. The gift shall be given to the beneficiary subject to the completion of all the statutory, legal and taxation compliances. In case the beneficiary fails to adhere to the instructions given by the organisation for complying with the statutory laws and other similar rules and regulation, it will be deemed that the beneficiary's title to the gift has been forfeited and the gift will be given to the next eligible teachers/participant by the method decided by the organisation.

13. Any duty, taxes as applicable by the law of the land will be borne by the beneficiary. This includes Tax Deducted at Source for any gifts in kind over Rs.10,000/-.

14. There will be a gift deed made by the organisation in favour of the beneficiary and all the costs regarding the stamping and getting the gift deed approved shall be borne by the beneficiary only

15. The teachers/participant agrees not to hold the organisation and any of the employees, management member accountable for any losses , if any, incurred by the teachers/participant and / beneficiary on account of this "Program"

16. The teachers/participant and / beneficiary understands and agrees not to hold the organisation and its' employees and management members responsible for any mishaps incurred due to the direct/indirect use of the gifts

17. The organisation holds the right to continue, terminate, prematurely terminate, extend, cancel any aspect of the "Program" or the "Program" as a whole as it deems fit as per the business need. The organisation's say would be final and binding for the "Program"

18. Force Majeure: The organisation will not be held responsible for any delay or cancellations in the "Program" due to any reason which is considered beyond the control of organisation. Such events would include Terrorist attacks, Acts of God, change in Government policy and other uncontrollable activities beyond the control of organisation

19. Amendments: Organisation holds the right to amend any T&Cs in part or in whole without any prior communication to the teachers/participant

20. Notices: Any notice, demand or request required or permitted to be given to the organisation shall be in writing and delivered personally or by registered or certified mail, return receipt requested, with postage prepaid and addressed to the following persons and addresses within 15 business days;

Address: Aegis Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Attn: Shikshya Online

Koteshwor, Mahadevsthan

Kathmandu, Nepal

21.Arbitration: The teachers/participant and the organisation agree to use all possible dialogue techniques to resolve any dispute, claim, controversy or disagreement of any kind whatsoever with regard to the "Program", including any concerns over validity, existence and termination ("Dispute"). "). If the dispute cannot be solved amicably or settled, then the same will be referred to a sole arbitrator to be appointed with the mutual agreement of the Parties to the "Program". The arbitration proceedings shall be held as per the provisions of the Arbitration Act, 2055 (1999). The arbitration proceeding can be conducted in English/Nepali. The seat of the arbitration proceedings shall be the District Court,Kathmandu.

22.Governing Laws and Jurisdiction: The agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws. Subject to the amendment clause stated above, the organisation and the teachers/participant irrevocably and unconditionally submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts located in Jalgaon for the purpose of enforcing the awards passed in Arbitration.

23. Start here: by clicking become teacher start the pathway to enrol the "Program"

Become a Teacher

हामी शिक्षकहरूलाई स्थानीय भाषा प्रयोग गर्न प्रोत्साहित गर्छौ।

1. 25/12/2021 (पुस 10, 2078 ) सम्ममा आफ्नो छोटो शिप मुलक कक्षा वा शैक्षिक पाठ्यक्रम पूर्ण कक्षाहरू अपलोड गर्ने शिक्षकहरू Teach Earn & WIN ("कार्यक्रम") मा सहभागी हुन योग्य छन्। "कार्यक्रम" मा भाग लिएर, शिक्षक/सहभागीले "कार्यक्रम" को नियम र सर्तहरू पालना गर्न सहमत हुनेछन्। संगठनले शिक्षक/शिक्षक/सहभागीहरूलाई कुनै पूर्व सूचना बिना नियम र सर्तहरू परिमार्जन गर्ने अधिकार राख्छ।

2. योग्यता मापदण्ड:

  1. शिक्षक/सहभागी १८ वर्षभन्दा माथिको नेपाली नागरिक हुनुपर्नेछ
  2. "कार्यक्रम" शिक्षकले अपलोड गरेर प्रकाशित कक्षामा मात्र उपलब्ध हुन्छ।
  3. संस्थाले शिक्षक/सहभागीले अपलोड गरेका कक्षाहरू स्वीकृत गर्नेछ
  4. शिक्षक/सहभागीसँग अघिल्लो आपराधिक रेकर्ड हुनुहुँदैन। यदि त्यस्तो जानकारी संस्थाको ज्ञानमा आयो भने, उसलाई तुरुन्तै "कार्यक्रम" बाट अयोग्य ठहराइनेछ।
  5. शिक्षक/सहभागीले सबै T&Cs पालना गर्नेछन्

3. कृपया ध्यान दिनुहोस् कि संगठनले कुनै पनि पूर्व सूचना बिना, नतिजा घोषणा गर्नु अघि शिक्षक/सहभागीहरू मध्ये कुनै पनि अयोग्य घोषित गर्ने अधिकार सुरक्षित गर्दछ।

४. शिक्षक/सहभागीहरूको सहमति: यो स्वैच्छिक "कार्यक्रम" हो। शिक्षक/प्रशिक्षक/सहभागी शिक्षा अनलाइनमा कक्षाहरू अपलोड गर्ने आधारमा शिक्षक/सहभागी हुन सहमत छन्। यसको मतलब यो पनि हुनेछ कि शिक्षक/प्रशिक्षक/सहभागीले "कार्यक्रम" अन्तर्गत सबै T&Cहरू स्वीकार गरेका छन्। निम्नलाई शिक्षक/सहभागीले स्वीकार गरेको मानिनेछ:

  1. शिक्षक/सहभागीले पेश गरेका सबै जानकारी सहि, सत्य र अद्यावधिक छन्
  2. यस "कार्यक्रम" मा सिधै भर्ना हुनका लागि शिक्षक/सहभागीले कुनै प्रवेश रकम भुक्तान गरेको छैन। शिक्षा अनलाइन द्वारा मात्र स्वीकृत र प्रकाशित गरिएका अपलोड गरिएको कक्षाको आधारमा उसले "कार्यक्रम" मा नामांकन गरेको छ।
  3. संस्थाको उपहार छनोट प्रक्रियासँग सहमत छ र यसको विरुद्ध कुनै आपत्ति छैन
  4. यदि शिक्षक/सहभागी विजेता ("लाभार्थी") बन्न पुगेमा, उसलाई मिडिया प्रवर्द्धनका लागि उनीहरूको फोटोहरू प्रयोग गर्न संगठनसँग कुनै समस्या हुनेछैन।
  5. यो बुझ्नुपर्छ कि एक्लै सहभागी हुनाले कुनै पनि निश्चित उपहारको हकदार हुँदैन। संस्थाको प्रक्रियाबाट लाभार्थी छनोट गरिनेछ
  6. शिक्षक/सहभागीले संस्थालाई कुनै नोक्सान नहोस् भनेर आश्वासन दिन्छ यदि उनी/उनी लाभार्थी मात्र हुन असफल भएमा
  7. शिक्षक/सहभागी र लाभार्थी छनोट गर्ने प्रक्रिया संस्थाको स्वविवेकमा रहेको र त्यसलाई शिक्षक/सहभागीले कुनै पनि परिस्थितिमा चुनौती दिन नसक्ने कुरा बुझ्दछन्। संस्थाको निर्णय अन्तिम र बाध्यकारी हुनेछ।
  8. "कार्यक्रम" अन्तर्गतका सबै नियम र सर्तहरू बाध्यकारी हुनेछ।
  9. कुनै विवाद भएमा व्यवस्थापनको निर्णय अन्तिम हुनेछ। मध्यस्थता जिल्ला अदालतको क्षेत्राधिकारको विषय हुनेछ

5. सहभागिता नियम र प्रक्रिया:

  1. योग्यता क्लजका सबै मापदण्डहरू पूरा गर्ने शिक्षक/प्रशिक्षक/सहभागी यस "कार्यक्रम" अन्तर्गत शिक्षक/सहभागी हुन योग्य हुनेछन्।
  2. "कार्यक्रम" मा भर्ना हुनको लागि, शिक्षक/प्रशिक्षक/सहभागीले कक्षा दर्ता गरी अपलोड गर्नुपर्नेछ।
  3. शिक्षक/प्रशिक्षक/सहभागीले आफूले प्रकाशित गरेको प्रत्येक कक्षाको गुणनमा टिकट नम्बर प्राप्त गर्न योग्य छन्। (जस्तै: शिक्षक/शिक्षक/सहभागीले कुनै एक महिनामा ४ कक्षा अपलोड गरेर १ मात्र प्रकाशित गरेमा, उसले यस "कार्यक्रम" अन्तर्गत १ टिकट नम्बर प्राप्त गर्न योग्य हुनेछ, तर कुनै एक महिनामा ३ कक्षा अपलोड गरी प्रकाशित गरेमा यस "कार्यक्रम" अन्तर्गत 3 टिकट नम्बर प्राप्त गर्न योग्य हुनेछन्।
  4. शिक्षक/प्रशिक्षक/सहभागीले नेपाली , नेपाल भाषा, तामाङ, मैथिली जस्ता विभिन्न स्थानीय भाषामा एउटै कक्षा अपलोड गरे पनि अंग्रेजी नभएसम्म हिन्दी वा अन्य अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय भाषाहरू प्रयोग गर्न निषेध गरिएको छ। स्थानीय भाषाको प्रयोगलाई प्रोत्साहन गरिन्छ। शिक्षक/प्रशिक्षक/सहभागीले यहाँसम्म कि प्रत्येक भाषाको टिकट नम्बर प्राप्त गर्न योग्य छन् ।
  5. यस "कार्यक्रम" अन्तर्गतको सहभागिता स्वैच्छिक हो र शिक्षक/प्रशिक्षक/सहभागीको लागि दायित्व होइन।
  6. यदि शिक्षक/प्रशिक्षक/सहभागीले नतिजा घोषणा हुनु अघि शिक्षा अनलाइन साइटबाट फिर्ता लिने वा मेटाउने निर्णय गरेमा, उसको टिकट नम्बर खारेज गरिनेछ र बन्दको लागि संगठनले तोकेको प्रोटोकलहरू पालना गर्नुपर्नेछ।
  7. शिक्षक/प्रशिक्षक/सहभागीलाई समान कक्षा वा पाठ्यक्रम अन्य प्लेटफर्महरू जस्तै: Youtube वा अन्य अनलाइन सिकाइ प्लेटफर्ममा अपलोड गर्न अनुमति छैन "कार्यक्रम" बाट अयोग्य हुनेछ।
  8. यदि शिक्षक/प्रशिक्षक/सहभागीले पहिले नै युट्युब वा अन्य अनलाइन सिकाइ प्लेटफर्ममा कक्षा अपलोड गरी हाम्रो वेबसाइटमा अपलोड गरिसकेका छन् भने पनि अयोग्य हुनेछन्

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